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Inner Victory - eBook

Winning Strategies for Managing Life’s Transitions

“When I was in college in the 90’s, I was very intrigued about personal development and human performance.

David Christensen’s book “Inner Victory” planted a seed and charted a course for the rest of my life both personally and professionally.

Since then, I have been involved in personal development for the past 25 years and can see that the principles and concepts in Inner Victory were the catalyst for me coming to truly understand that if  I got the inside right, the outside would fall in place!

David’s life, work, and book are truly inspiring and actionable.”

— Randy Garn, New York Times Best Selling Author
Partner at High Performance Institute
Investor / Board Member / Coach

Victoria Interna - eBook

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Power in PRAYER

31 Teachings to Strengthen our Connection with Heaven

“Like links in chain, prayer connects you to your Heavenly Father.  In ‘Power in Prayer’, former mission president David A. Christensen helps you work on one aspect of prayer per day for a month with mini devotionals.  He uses personal experiences and teachings of modern prophets to illustrate the important, sacred role that prayer could play in everyday life.  The principles contained in this book will help you make your prayers more meaningful and strengthen your testimony of this divine communication.”

— Dr D. Kelly Ogden, PhD
Author of multiple books and articles
Professor Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University

Parenting Principles

31 Teachings to Raise Children in Righteousness

“In this book David Christensen uses his experience as a father and grandfather, and his expertise with teaching through examples and stories, to present a beautifully simple pattern to address the challenges of raising righteous children. I have personally observed this pattern in action and know the power it can have in families.”

— Dr. Craig Carver
PhD in Human Development and Family Science

A Thankful Heart

31 Teachings to Recognize Blessings in Your Life

“David Christensen returns to his easy-to-use format of 31 important teachings to study and apply to your life.   This time, with ‘A Thankful Heart’, the idea that an attitude of gratitude brings greater happiness into one’s life is invaluable… Using Latter-day Saint scriptures and prophet quotes, along with amusing and inspiring personal anecdotes, he proves that the scientific part of being happy is not only related to the amount of faith and spiritual effort we expend, but it also depends on it.  Recognizing blessings from Heavenly Father and filling our hearts with abundant gratitude is the key to being happy with ourselves and our lives, and this book is essential in making that happen.”

— Tara Creel, reviewer at Deseret News

Questions of the Soul

Answers from the Book of Mormon

“This is a must read for anyone who has questions about life’s uncertainties.  David Christensen’s effectiveness as an inspired teacher becomes immediately obvious in the simple format he uses to draw the reader’s attention to the power of the ‘greatest handbook for living,’ the Book of Mormon.  With side-by-side scripture and commentary, he answers 44 such questions.  His inspired and insightful commentary warms the soul and penetrates into the fabric of real-life challenges. It has the power to change lives and deepen the soul.”

— David J Ridges,   Best Selling Author

MISSIONARY Questions of the Soul: Answers from the Book of Mormon

Is there a God? How can I find happiness in this life? How do I know if I’m feeling the Spirit? Missionary Questions of the Soul provides keys to answer these and other similar questions—questions you may ask yourself as you prepare to serve a mission or that investigators may ask you in the field. With this resource, the earnest seeker will discover their own answers and build testimonies.